Sunday, January 17, 2010

Horsey Gift

Already the date is January 16th and I continue to receive daily gifts. Two days ago my gift came as I watched the horses in the pastures that surround my home.
First, looking out my west window, overlooking the herb garden where a multitude of finches are feeding, I saw the Armstrong’s black horse trotting, kicking up his hind legs and then galloping all around his enclosure. He frolicked. Although I don’t know about horses scientifically, I like to think he was just having fun.

I think something must’ve been in the air because when I went out my front door, which faces south, I saw the two horses in the opposing pasture were playing with each other in much the same manner, prancing prettily the way horses do, in a kind of do-se-do. In the pasture east of them, another horse frolicked.
What could my heart do but frolic too?

Was it coincidence that all the horses ran around their pastures at the same time or did they have a telepathic conference and decide to do so? Or was it a chain reaction? As I said, I don’t know much about horses or how they communicate, but I think they do communicate.

The three horses in pastures catty-corner from each other simultaneously ran to the corners of their fences, faced each other and seemed to be exchanging information. Puffs of steam whooshed out their nostrils as they snort-breathed, their tails swished and their heads nodded. For at least five minutes they stood like that, in communion, and me, too, watching.

I considered this segment of horsey time a wonder and my gift for the day. I enjoyed.

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