Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Treats

Every New Year's Day since my husband and I have known each other, 34 years, we've enjoyed a celebratory walk.  And on every walk we take, at the turn-around point, we kiss. Here we are in Oceanside, Oregon, on the beach. It's a small thing, our ritual and who knows why we started doing it, but we like it.  Our society sorely needs positive, loving rituals.  My friend, writer Martha Goudey, says to celebrate the small things.  It's the small things that lead to bigger things in the long run. At least 34 years so far.

Sometimes it's important to change our perspective.  Look down instead of up.  Find something of beauty, something to love where you've never looked before.  We take our cameras everywhere we go as a matter of course because we never know what we'll find.  We take the normal "isn't that cool!" photos, and then, we find the extra-normal, the super-normal, the "Wow!" photos.  Here's what we saw when we looked down:



Beauty Salon
Change your perception and amazing things will occur!  And you'll still see the everyday beautiful like this:
Our first day of 2013 was glorious.  I hope that every day of this year will be, for all of us.  If we remember to celebrate the small things, change our perception, and be full of gratitude, they will be glorious days, indeed.

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Neal Lemery said...

The most beautiful spirit on the beach today was YOU!

Neal Lemery