Sunday, January 30, 2011

Postscript to Molokai

Postscript to Molokai

One of the treats of our home away from home on Molokai was our stay at Hotel Molokai.  Our little room was right behind the bandstand.  The guidebook we consulted prior to our trip warned about the noise in the evenings as locals gathered.  We chose to see this another way.

We love music, so we enjoyed having the opportunity to experience six unique performances during our stay.  We tried to stay awake until they ended, but we were so pooped from our full days that we drifted off, awaking only when the music stopped.  What a lovely way to fall asleep! 

My favorite of all the musicians was the one playing the night we arrived, Lono.  We bought his newest CD, Passage to Pono—Old Style V.  Our cold nights back home can be warmed up by the playing of this CD.

We also enjoyed the Saturday night hula group, people of all ages dancing their love, and the Friday afternoon play and sing-along.  We sang along to the songs we knew.  I hope nobody minded.

I want to say once again mahalo to Noelani Keliikipi, our tour leader, to Cookie and Squeaky who drove the vans and did much, much more, to Mike and the volunteers at the Molokai Museum and Cultural Center for an experience far richer than we may ever realize.  Malama Pono and A hui hou.

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pmum's pondering said...

Karen, thanks for sharing your Hawaii trip. This may be the closest I ever get to the Islands, but you've intrigued me and honored those who shared their world.